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Next live round - March 2024

3 x powerful LIVE ZOOM classes with Joanna Hunter

Be Your Own Rescue Facebook Community -  to be supported, ask questions and share your journey

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2 x 1:1 Coaching & Healing Sessions with Joanna 

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Mac McGregor - The Angelic Mirror

"Joanna’s Be Your Own Rescue has giving me the understanding, awareness, acknowledgment, owning and permission tools to see my thoughts and actions in the clearest yet non judgmental and loving way to change my life."

Jane Duncan Rogers

"The most important thing for me was the idea of timelines, and really understanding that the reality already exists, I am just not yet on the timeline of it. I found this created enormous freedom within me"

What is Be Your Own Rescue? 

I used to pray and pray for rescue when I was in the thick of it... I didn't want to be accountable for my own life - how could I have been accountable when I didn't even realise it was an option at first! 

My attempts to find rescue looked like this: 

  • Hopping my hubby would be able to fix all my problems 
  • Always waiting for something to come along and save me, therefore not allowing myself to stay in the present and instead always looking to the future 
  • Entering competitions daily for new cars, money and luxury items 
  • Playing the lottery weekly, looking for a quick fix to lifelong problems 

And each day when rescue didn't come, I would still hold out for something to come along but nothing ever did. However, when nothing came along it made me realise that the only consistent thing in this search for rescue was Me... 

I was always there to play the lottery, entering the competitions, just sitting waiting... 

It made me realise that I had some power... actually I had more than some power, I held all the power I required to change my life. I stopped waiting for rescue and started taking actionable steps that would get me down from my stroppy princess tower so that I could actually start living my life outside the castle. This entire time I had everything I ever needed to live the life I desired and sometimes I can't believe how long it took me to come to this realisation... 

Now I live the life I dreamed someone would come along and build for me... I just never trusted myself enough to be able to do it myself. Now I trust myself completely. 

If I can do it, so can you - BE YOUR OWN RESCUE.